Thursday, April 1, 2010

Episode Eighty Five: "What's this "eighty-five" thing?" (Enhanced)

This episode of Are You Serious was recorded with Garageband. Hopefully it sounds better, and you can expect tweaks to the sound in the coming weeks. This version of the show is enhanced. We will release a non-enhanced version shortly.This week, Chris and Frank discuss April Fools Day on Community, Date Night on the Office, whatever the hell happened on Lost, how exactly a ship that small can have a cloaking device on Clone Wars, the Pawnee catalog on Parks and Recreation, why Floyd came back to New York city on 30 Rock and how making cupcakes on your own is better on Modern Family.

Later in the show, they discuss threats made over XBOX Live, how if you are not cooperating to begin with, you can't threaten to not cooperate from now on, Michael Steele's penchant for allowing misuse of politically raised funds, why the violence stemming from the passage of health care is a problem and why it needs to stop.

A listener pointed out the next topic for discussion. It has to do with the top theater chains and 3D ticket prices. Some theaters are raising prices only on 3D movies. Can the industry justify those increases and will people still pay what they are asking? Of course they will, but it doesn't mean they aren't douche-bags for doing it.

Last, we talk a little about a local right-wing radio station and the coverage they are giving the death of a local girl, Phoebe Prince. Phoebe was relentlessly bullied to the point she took her own life. Now, since the right can't complain about health care, they have zeroed in on this girl's tragic story. Some of the things said by the radio hosts are downright crazy. The topic of bullying is explored.

Music this week is from: Leonard Cohen - "Everybody Knows" and "Is This What You Wanted"

Mötley Crüe - "Shout at the Devil"

Bad Religion - "It's Reciprocal"

Lady Gaga - "Telephone"

Concrete Blonde - "Everybody Knows"

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