Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Episode Eighty Four

Episode Eighty Four: "Definitely, although not for another eighty-four years and not on trains."

Here is this week's episode of Are You Serious for your listening pleasure. We have some normal topics to discuss this week, like Community, the Office and similar shows. Also, we discuss what the new health care bill would entail and how the Pope has helped to ruin kid's lives for decades. All this super funness with brand spankin' new microphones!

Music this week is from:

Heretix - "Gods and Gangsters"

White Zombie - "Feed the Gods"

The Death Riders - "God Hates the Dirty Ones"

Bad Religion - "God's Love"

The intro and outro song is "Everybody Knows" by Leonard Cohen and Concrete Blonde respectively.

The last song this week is from The Chambers Brothers - "Time Has Come Today"

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