Friday, July 8, 2011

Episode One Hundred Fifty One

Episode One Hundred Fifty One: "Oh! She just added a name. Now it's one thousand one hundred and fifty one."

This week, per special request, we talk about the terrible things the Kansas government is trying to do to the three remaining clinics that perform abortions. This will be a story that we will surely revisit. We also discuss Casey Anthony a tiny bit (as much as she deserves) and then we keep moving from one story to another. Check out the links below.

Kansas abortion clinic denied license.
New Kansas law threatens abortion rights.
Another article about the Kansas laws for abortion clinics.
Kansas abortion rules tested in Federal court.
Federal Judge block Kansas abortion rules.
Temporary block placed on Kansas abortion rules.

Do you believe in the tooth fairy? You may have false memories.
The Mayor of Alto Texas says to buy a gun because they just laid off all the cops. (video)
Do you know the age of consent in Vatican City? Are you sure you want to know? (video)
The Catholic League responds to New York's acceptance of gay marriage.
An moronic inmate in a Michigan prison claims he has a Constitutional right to pornography.
Another sign that Rand Paul doesn't get it. Hungry seniors should turn to charity.
Orrin Hatch is a moron. He claims the poor should do more to shrink the debt, not the rich.
Zach Kopplin demolishes Michelle Bachmann's statements about evolution.

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Episode One Hundred Fifty

Episode One Hundred Fifty: "It can do a 150 pelvic thrusts a second."

This week, we have a revamped show. Last week was a turning point and we re-assessed our content and how we delivered it to you. We have decided to streamline the show and move the entertainment talk and limit it so we can focus on specific things instead of glossing over too many shows too fast. Here are link to this week's news stories:

We end with a little talk about the True Blood season opener and some great feedback.

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Art of war - Opening and closing themes
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Episode One Hundred Forty Nine

Episode One Hundred Forty Nine: "Aren't we told in Psalm 149 "Praise ye the Lord. Sing unto the Lord a new song. Let them praise His name in the dance"?"

First, a word of warning, Frank was awake for almost 48 hours before we recorded this show, so he is not at the top of his game. Being the trooper that he is, he really tried to make the show as good as usual. He did a great job, but, as you'll hear as time goes on, he starts to fade.

We discuss a few things, nonsense and movies and the like, then we movie onto some audio clips. Miss America candidates answer if they think that evolution should be taught in school, is women's tennis suffering from the grunting, and other weird stuff.

Frank picks out an article from the many I have bookmarked and we talk about what is and isn't in the Bible. At this point, Frank is ready to pass out, so we move on to feedback and call it a show.

Here are some links to this week's stories:

Sarah Palin quits her bus tour halfway through

Texas Governor prepares "The Response."

Giant outdoor air conditioners are a "good idea."

Was Bristol Palin a victim of date rape, or is it image scrubbing?

Herman Cain says... something, I think.

Miss America contestants answer a question and we faceplam.

Links from our great ongoing illegal immigration discussion:

Deportation has increased in the Obama administration, with deportation of criminals increasing by 70%!

80% of farm workers in California are illegal immigrants.

Associated Press article from 2008 estimated that illegal immigrant tax-payers contributed $428 billion dollars to U.S. GDP in 2006.

Thanks to James from "The Art of War" for the new theme music, it will be evolving over the next several shows, as I try out new audio with it.

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Episode One Hundred Forty Eight

Episode One Hundred Forty Eight: "You are in violation of Section 148 of the Penal Code: Evading arrest."

This week, we recorded late after many attempts to do the show earlier. It ended up that Frank was too busy editing the video he has been talking about, so we did this show with a special guest host. We start off by reviewing Kung Fu Panda 2, X-Men: First Class and the theatrical presentation of the extended cut of Lord of the Rings: Return of the King.

From there, we move on to some crazy news stories, including the FACT that becoming a Born Again Christian changes your DNA. For realisies.

Links to some of this week's stories:

DNA and religion - it changes it!

Saying "Twitter" and "Facebook" is not allowed on French T.V.

Mayor says, "Hey! Let's buy some land with taxpayer money and just give it to a Catholic School."

Presidential candidate Michele Bachmann on Good Morning America.

Presidential candidate Michele Bachmann lives in her own reality where women kidnap her in bathrooms.

Presidential candidate Michele Bachmann has said some crazy things, here's ten of them.

Divorced in Massachusetts? You may need a Judge's approval to have sex.

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(I know these are the same songs from last week. I recycled due to time constraints!)

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