Saturday, April 28, 2012

Episode 193

Episode One Hundred Ninety Three: "Frame 193, the second shot hits Kennedy in the throat from the front."

This week, we keep things a bit shorter than usual. We talk about a scientific study related to how critical thinking can increase religious dis-belief. From there we talk about some movies, tell some personal stories and are surprised by some special cameos. We have some great feedback and then call it a show.

Music this week is from:
The Art of War - Intro and Outro themes
The Coffinshakers - "Necromancy"

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Episode 192

Episode One Hundred Ninety Two: "192 to be exact!"

This week, Franks talks about The Three Stooges (again) and we cover a whole bunch of outrageous stories, first and foremost is the article about a couple suing because they were rented a haunted house. We follow that with some talk about Arizona and the fact that they are out of their minds and how being a stay-at-home mom is not a "job." Before you get pissed about that, listen to what we have to say.

Music this week is from:
The Art of War - Intro and outro themes
Guns N Roses - Garden of Eden and Live and Let Die

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Friday, April 13, 2012

Episode 191

Episode One Hundred Ninety One - "Oh, I'd say 191 hours and 17 minutes - give or take a day."

This week, we are back to normal and we mine the depths of out facebook group to bring you the best and dumbest news items offered. Santorum, atheists, Game/Change, The Hunger Games and more are all covered on this week's episode.

Music this week is from:
The Art of War - Opening and closing themes
Nat Dove and the Devils - "Petey Wheatstraw - The Devil's Son in Law Theme"

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Episode 190

Episode One Hundred Ninety: "Did you get to the part yet where they say that science hasn't proven anything?"

To celebrate Chris' birthday we have decided to watch one of the most disturbing documentaries ever filmed; "Jesus Camp."

Some trivia that you might find interesting:In November 2006, a male prostitute alleged that pastor Ted Haggard (president of the National Association of Evangelicals) had paid him for sex for three years and had also purchased and used crystal methamphetamine. Haggard acknowledged some of the allegations and was removed from all of his leadership positions in religious organizations, including the church he founded.

Since the making of the film, Becky Fischer, children's pastor for Kids on Fire, announced that due to negative reactions to the camp after the film, including telephone calls and vandalism, the camp, which was held once a year for three weeks, has been discontinued indefinitely and will be replaced by other events.

Music is from The Art of War

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