Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Episode Thirty One: "The five of us designed you to be as human as possible."

Welcome back to Are You Serious? This week, we answer listener feedback and discuss some movies that Frank has seen. We listen to the criticism about spoilers and try not to this time around. General discussion ranges from the season ending of Clone Wars to the Office to some shows that we don't watch anymore.

Also this week marks the first entry in our new ongoing series - "Douche-bag of the week!"

Music this week is from Battlestar Galactica, except for Asshole by Denis Leary. We use his song to introduce "Douche-bag of the Week."

Don't forget, you can nominate a douche of the week too! All you have to do is call or write in your vote.
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As always, our ending song is "We Stand Alone" by Killer Dwarfs.

'Till next week!

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Episode Thirty: You're in the studio. You could be really shining out! But what? You're just wonking off!

Welcome everyone to the first show in the new studio (Studio B) as well as the first show with new equipment! (Thanks to Bill at Outside the Cinema.)

In this episode, we play catch up with recently seen new (and old) releases and television. Then we just go off on tangents for a bit. (As usual!) We throw some ideas around for new segments answer some listener feedback and then wrap it up.

Music this week is from
Iggy Pop (Candy)
Megadeth (Foreclosure of a Dream)
The Ghastly Ones (Yuzo's Twist)
and Killer Dwarfs (We Stand Alone)

Hope you enjoy!

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or call us at 206-338-3094

Until next week!

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Episode Twenty Nine: Are You Still There? Volume Two: The Lost Sessions

This week, since we are moving the studio to our North Shore facility, "Studio B," we thought it would be a good idea to put together another episode of "Are You Still There?"

This weeks show has the usual randomness, but with just a little bit extra thrown in for good measure!

Music this time is representative of both East and West coast Old School Punk (with just a little metal.)
Them by The Misfits
Palisades Park by The Ramones
Her Black Wings by Danzig
We Stand Alone by Killer Dwarfs.

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We'll be back next week with an all new show!

Until then!

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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Episode Twenty Eight: "Harold, don't you have any other music, you know, from this century?"

Hello ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to Episode Twenty Eight: "Harold, don't you have any other music, you know, from this century?" In this episode, we talk about a bunch of random things, including recently seen movies, the RNC and the musings of Laura Ingram.

Our main segment this week is all about music that we have that we would not readily tell people about. It's interesting what we think would be embarrassing.

Music this week is from:
Poison (Talk Dirty to Me)
Flock of Seagulls (I Ran)
Prince (Batdance)
Killer Dwarfs (We Stand Alone)

Our theme music is from The Fine Print

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Thanks for listening.
Sit back and relax. Enjoy the show.