Saturday, July 31, 2010

Episode One Hundred and Two

Episode One Hundred and Two: "She lived to be 102, and when she had been dead three days, she looked better than you do now."

This week, in the entertainment world, we talk about The A-Team, W., the difference between Oliver Stone and Oliver North and Mad Men. We do not talk about last week's episode of True Blood seven though we open with a clip. Chris started watching Friefly and he talks a bit about that as well as Eureka that has started a new season. Futurama has now produced Chris' favorite episode EVER. There is also a little talk about a Japanese film called Robo Geisha. It is as weird as you think it is. Frank watched Hot Shots and we talk a bit about satire in movies.

After the first break, we talk a bit about or best and worst jobs. Frank has a real interesting story about wrong place, wrong business and Chris talks about monotony and drinking on the job. For bests, we each give our own examples of why the job was the best we had. Of course present jobs are excluded.

Following the second break, we talk about our special appearance on The PodcastPodcast. Then, we delve into the crazy news of the week. We start off with a story about how Bill Murray is one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Next, we talk about the anger over Essence magazine hiring a WHITE fashion director. Next up, we have a clip of Representative Anthony Weiner and the passion he brings to he House. Then, we look into the right's fabricated outrage over the cost of Chelsea Clinton's wedding and one article talking about how disappointed one woman's group is that she is marrying a *gasp* JEW! We also talk a bit about one of the best marriage proposals EVER!

Following the last break, we get into our feedback. We seem to have struck a nerve with the Ground Zero Mosque discussion. We talk about that and Chris makes a confession.

Music this week is from:

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Episode One Hundred and One

In this episode we talk about Inception, (barely,) The Losers, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, True Blood, Lost, Twilight and why it doesn't matter, Kung Fu Panda and good 3D, Mad Men, and After School Film School.

We take sometime and discuss the best timeline ever printed. Check it out here.

Then we shift to more real world topics like, people who complain about everything, memory cards for DSLR cameras, scientific proof about which came first, the chicken or the egg. We continue with the iPhone fix, some dope in Australia states that all schools should require that kids read the Bible in school, we hear a bit about Glenn Beck and how he related to Johnny Mnemonic a little too much. We end with a actual honest to god disagreement about the proposed Mosque in New York. It will be built two blocks away from ground zero.

Music this week is from:

Chris Bricklemyer - "Are You Serious? Theme v1"

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Episode One Hundred

Well, we made it. Here, after many, many long months is episode one hundred of Are You Serious. That's one hundred episodes of angry ranting, thoughtful conversation and boldly stating opinions. From Republicans to the Pope, no-one and nothing has been safe from the eye of the show.

We are so grateful to everyone for all of your support and encouraging words. Especially when you challenged us to re-think our position on a topic. The show has gone through many iterations and segments over time and we finally settled into a nice weekly groove.

This week, in honor of this momentous milestone, we -- do exactly what we have been doing. Nothing special, nothing gimmicky. Just another show. In this episode, we discuss Everybody Draw Mohammed Day, religion, the Emmy nominations, more details in the breast-milk fatwa, Predators, Cyrus, I Am Love and much more.

Music this week is from:

Chris Bricklemyer - "Are You Serious? Theme Song v.1"

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Friday, July 9, 2010

Episode Ninety Nine

Episode Ninety Nine! It's hard to believe that these two slackers have put out 99 shows, sometimes two in a week and have not missed a single week!

This week, the boys talk about Toy Story 3 and how Pixar has possibly hit a plateau, Hot Tub Time Machine and how it may just be a good get together with your friends comedy, teaching creation as science, stoning women to death, Sarah Palin, Frank's birthday, and just how much Republicans hate the middle class. They continue with the quick hit news stories and cover a lot of topics.

You still have until right before we record our 101st show to enter our Centennial Title Contest! I think we have a winner already, but that shouldn't deter you from trying! All you need to do is email as many quotes as you can from our back episode titles.

Music this week is from:

Leonard Cohen - "Everybody Knows"

Coheed and Cambria - "Ten Speed (of God's Blood and Burial)"

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