Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Episode sixty Three

Welcome again to another "wonderful" episode of Are You Serious?

In this episode, we keep to the same formula that seems to have been working all along for us.

- First up - Discuss some recently seen T.V. and movies.

- Second up - A little bit of randomness mixed in with who we have selected as our douche-bag(s) of the week.

- Third - Mixed in with the listener feedback, we usually discuss some more things that don't really have a place in the show.

- Fourth - We list off the contact information and close out the show.

- Fifth, after the closing song ends, we try to put something funny or weird at the end.

- In between all that other stuff, we have commercials for other shows that we really like, followed by music.

Speaking of which, music this week is from:
Heretix - "Season of the Witch" off of "A.D.
Megadeth - "Go to Hell" off of "Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey Soundtrack"
U2 - "Beat on the Brat" off of "We're a Happy Family"
Rob Zombie - "What" off of "Hellbilly Deluxe 2"

Thanks everyone for your support, we'll talk to you next week.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Episode Sixty Two

Chris and Frank present Episode Sixty Two: "Sixty-two pages of drawings and no blood? Not even an itsy-bitsy nosebleed?"

In this episode, we discuss some recently seen T.V. and movies, things like 30 Rock, Clone Wars, Modern Family, Mad Men, Glee, The Big Bang Theory and Community.

In our D-Bag of the week section, you can guess who one of the topics would be about...

Then we wrap up the show with voice mail. Frank is pretty sick for this show, so we tried to keep it shorter than normal. We'll be back next week with a longer show!

Not too much to say in show notes this week, but plenty to talk about!

Music this week is from:
Dr. John - "Season of the Witch'
Chris Cornell - "Billie Jean"
Cast of Glee - "Halo/Walking on Sunshine"
Akira Yamaoka (composer) - "Silent Hill"
Orbital - "Doctor Who Theme"

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Episode Sixty One

This week, for your listening pleasure, we present Episode Sixty One: "A hundred and twenty five years... Oh God, Oh God... I'll be a hundred and sixty one when I get out."

Some topics that we discuss this week include, Clone Wars, Jedi crossing the line from good gut to torturer, Louie Gomert, the Nobel Peace Prize, Mad Men, The Office, The Invention of Lying, The Big Bang Theory, www., and much more.

We even have a special D-bag of the week! It's much more effective to hear this guy than to just repeat what he said.

Music this week is from:
Mysto and Pizzi - "Somebody's Watching Me"
"The Monster Mash" (I can't figure out who recorded it)
Rob Zombie - "Two Lane Blacktop"
Powerman 5000 - "Theme to a Fake Revolution"

Thanks everyone for your continued support, don't forget, you can contact us by calling 206-338-3094 or writing

Thanks and we'll be back next week!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Episode Sixty

Hey everybody, another week, another show!

This time we talk about, Mad Men, Big Bang Theory, The Middle, Hank, Flash Forward, Modern Family, Brighton Beach Memoirs, Roman Polanski, Jim DeMint, Larry Craig, Rush, Glenn Beck, The Center for Progress in America, The 2012 Olympics, David Letterman, and a few other things.

We follow that up with listener feedback and an update on what we have coming up, then we close out the show.

Music this week is from:
Dethklok- "Comet Song"
Ministry - "Stigmata"
SR-71 - "Let it Whip"
The Misfits - "The Monster Mash"
and of course,
Killer Dwarfs - "We Stand Alone"

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