Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Episode Eighty One

In this episode, we discuss Caprica, Frank is catching up on Battlestar Galactica, we skip Big Bang Theory because some stuff got in the way, and we talk about The Last Station.

For the second segment, we talk to the one, the only, friend of the show, J himself! We discuss our final Oscar picks and record them so we can trash talk each other next week. The only problem? We pretty much agree on every pick. It looks like animated feature, soundtrack and live action short may just be the deciding picks!

When we get to our third segment, we discuss how it might just be illegal to have a miscarriage in Utah. Along those lines, Frank discusses genital mutilation and we pick some other messed up things for douche-bag of the week.

You can find more pictures of this AWESOME Ghostbuster mod by clicking HERE

When we get to mail, we are greeted with a load of links, letters and calls! Thanks to everyone for such a good response. We discuss a wide range of topics in this segment, including, the Wii and homemade accessories, Catholic weddings, Kerasotes being bought by AMC and what that could mean for the programs Kerasotes runs. Admiral Ackbar comes up as he always should and what would a show be without an email from Bjoernar?

Music this week is from:

Leonard Cohen - "Everybody Knows"

Letters to Cleo - "Demon Rock"

Lizzy Borden - "Me Against the World"

Matthew Sweet - "Girlfriend"

The Smithereens - "A Girl Like You"

Killer Dwarfs - "We Stand Alone"

At the closing, we hear John Stewart talk about Jim Bunning and how he is the epitome of just saying no to say no regardless of who it hurts. The last 15 seconds of the clip are amazing in its total lack of understating and a perfect example of being completely out of touch. I don't care if this is his last term ever in the Senate. This man is a danger to all those around him and has qualified early for the Douche of the Year Award.

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