Sunday, February 8, 2009

Episode Twenty Four: "Ok, that was once, and I was drunk, and *it was Valentine's Day*. So back off."

This week, we have a shorter show for you. We had some sound issues that could only be half fixed in post, so you are getting the best of what's left!

This show has no real topic. We discuss Valentines' Day, some recent releases, bad relationships and some other assorted nonsense.

Check out the band that recorded our opening

We have a guest this week, Ben joined us for the first half of the show.
Check out his youtube channel

We feature music this week from:
The Dead Milkmen (Big Lizard in My Backyard)
The Cramps (Surfin' Dead)
The Death Riders (Suffer)
Guns 'n Roses (Crazy)
and our closing song, of course
Killer Dwarfs (We Stand Alone)

Don't forget to add to the show.
Call us at 206-338-3094
or write to

We will be back next week with a brand new show!
See you then!

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