Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Episode One Hundred Forty Seven

Episode One Hundred Forty Seven: "We'll continue this audit in my hotel room, Ritz-Carlton room 147. Meet me there tonight. And PS: I play rough."

It's that time of year again; the Apple keynote was a few days ago, and Frank is all excited about what's coming in the next few months. Chris is... not as impressed. Regardless, neither host had time to watch anything worth talking about this week, and Frank is really excited to discuss it.

Next, we have two segments of news stories that range from crazy to sad and pathetic all the way back to crazy again.

Here are links to most of the stories we covered:
A dozen of Newt Gingrich's staff walks out on him.

Why Gingrich's staff left.

Disney pays a fortune for "The Next Star Wars."

NBC tried to scuttle the Dungeons and Dragons episode of "Community."

Should Anthony Weiner quit?

MA State Rep. Ryan Fattman has some strong opinions of illegal immigrants.

Anderson Cooper shows us a crazy person.

Magneto was "Born This Way." (video)

Frank (sort of) defends Sarah Palin. (video) 

When Satanists describe themselves, they sound like atheists.

Another Pastor arrested for sexual molestation.

Rep. Giffords may not return to Congress.

Bank of America branch gets foreclosed on.

Plus, we have some great feedback.

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Episode One Hundred Forty Six

Episode One Hundred Forty Six: "That's the 146 thousandth unsuccessful human hunt in a row. But I have a good feeling about tomorrow."

This week, we play catch up on a whole lot of listener submitted stories, some more season end wrap up talk, what exactly was wrong with Gulliver's Travels and Reverend Scott stops by the studio to interview us.

Links to some of this week's stories:

Some Massachusetts Seniors are suspended for apparently being awesome.

Hooray! The Klan has arrived. Wait... what?!

Get ready London, here comes Noah's Ark.

Science can cure cancer, but nobody cares.

New blood test will tell you how long you have to live.

Japan's pensioners want to help at Fukushima

Can you believe we need a law to prevent the faith healing defense?

Just need to make sure you're a virgin before we abuse you ma'am.

25 years ago, the government was SO prudish!

Pope's adviser arrested on pedophilia and drug charges.

Is it still bad if the Chinese are forcing the Chinese to mine gold? 

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Episode One Hundred Forty Five

Episode One Hundred Forty Five: "The Chinese camps, we'll never know, but say 20 million. So 130, 145 million dead. Not all that impressive."

This week, we talk about the car accident Chris had on the highway two days prior to recording. Then we move into the regular stuff, like season finale episodes and some movie talk.

After that, we discuss what Harold Camping is doing now, why he should be prosecuted and whether or not he and his followers should be considered terrorists. Then we discuss the child whose parents have chosen to remain genderless, Obama following tradition and downing a pint of Guinness. We touch on Limbaugh's ratings and finish out with Chris complimenting a Republican. Seriously. And, it has nothing to do with the blow to the head from the car accident.

Here are some link to the stories discussed.

Sean Duffy will Eliminate Social Security and Medicare

Obama Downs Pint Of Guinness

Joe Walsh says Scott Brown Should Be "Ashamed of Himself"

Harold Camping's Followers are "Flabbergasted" the World Did Not End

Rush Limbaugh's Rating Drop

Harold Camping Quick Interview

Parents Keep Child's Gender Under Wraps

Just when we are all set to go to listener feedback, Chris remembers a story from his local news that he just has to talk about.
 57 Minutes: Woman Claims to Have Been to Heaven and Back

Be sure to listen to feedback, we have more awesomeness on the line. Although, if I didn't know better, I could swear that Reverend Scott didn't like us very much. Take a listen and you be the judge.

Music this week is from:
Chris Brickelmyer - "Are You Serious Theme V.6"
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Episode One Hundred Forty Four

Episode One Hundred Forty Four: "Now unless you can round up 144 people with neither head nor neck to speak on behalf of your T-shirts, we are prepared to take action."

This week, we have a shorter show for you, because we have to get everything in line for the rapture on Saturday. So, with that in mind, we cover a bunch of entertainment this week, from the Star Wars paintball episode of Community to Thor.

Unfortunately, due to time constraints, we missed a bunch of topics that we would have normall discussed, like Arnold's family revalation, the erasing of Hillary Clinton in a certain newspaper, the 10 year old that shot his neo-Nazi father dead while he slept. You know, the funny stuff.

We still hit a bunch of news stories that we hope you will find entertaining. Then it's followed up with some great feedback and a segment from Reverend Scott that is sure to go down in history.

Music this week is from:
Chris Bricklemyer - "AYS Theme V.6"
Def Leppard - "Rock Rock (Till You Drop)"
Oingo Boingo - "The Killing Moon"
AC/DC - "Who Made Who"
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Stay tuned after the closing for a special compilation of (already) failed 2012 Presidential hopefuls.
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Episode One Hundred Forty Three

Episode One Hundred Forty Three: "Instead we'll go right to the source. Allow me to introduce mutant 143."

In this episode, Chris is still recovering from whatever alien sickness he had (sorry about the coughing.) We discuss some of the recent episodes of T.V, like Community, 30 Rock and Glee (grudgingly.) A few movies, like Trollhunter are discussed and other random entertainment tidbits. Then we move on to some news stories and in a quick segment, Chris talk about some of the things you don't hear about when you get tattooed.

Here are some links to a few of the stories we covered this week.
Devout Muslim stalks his step-daughter over four states 'before killing her for being too Western' | Mail Online

Art teacher arrested for punching student

Dustin Walls: Teen Ordered to Pay Walmart $1 Million; But Will Bentonville Even Notice? - St. Louis News - Daily RFT

Are Bullying Plans Enough to Protect Students?

Omar Bin Laden, Osama Bin Laden Son: Sea Burial Demeaning, Killing 'Criminal': Report

Osama bin Laden mission agreed in secret 10 years ago by US and Pakistan | World news | The Guardian

The Maddow Blog - Surprise attack in the arts & culture war in Kansas

Music this week is from:
Chris Bricklemyer - "Are You Serious Theme V.3"
The Ghastly Ones - "Target: Draculon"
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Ministry - "Jesus Built My Hotrod"
Concrete Blonde - "Everybody Knows"
Lonely Island (featuring Michael Bolton) - "Jack Sparrow"

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