Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Episode One Hundred Forty Six

Episode One Hundred Forty Six: "That's the 146 thousandth unsuccessful human hunt in a row. But I have a good feeling about tomorrow."

This week, we play catch up on a whole lot of listener submitted stories, some more season end wrap up talk, what exactly was wrong with Gulliver's Travels and Reverend Scott stops by the studio to interview us.

Links to some of this week's stories:

Some Massachusetts Seniors are suspended for apparently being awesome.

Hooray! The Klan has arrived. Wait... what?!

Get ready London, here comes Noah's Ark.

Science can cure cancer, but nobody cares.

New blood test will tell you how long you have to live.

Japan's pensioners want to help at Fukushima

Can you believe we need a law to prevent the faith healing defense?

Just need to make sure you're a virgin before we abuse you ma'am.

25 years ago, the government was SO prudish!

Pope's adviser arrested on pedophilia and drug charges.

Is it still bad if the Chinese are forcing the Chinese to mine gold? 

Music this week is from the Saturday Morning Cartoon Album,
as well as Concrete Blonde (Everybody Knows) and
Chris Bricklemyer (AYS Theme v.6)

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