Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Episode One Hundred Forty Seven

Episode One Hundred Forty Seven: "We'll continue this audit in my hotel room, Ritz-Carlton room 147. Meet me there tonight. And PS: I play rough."

It's that time of year again; the Apple keynote was a few days ago, and Frank is all excited about what's coming in the next few months. Chris is... not as impressed. Regardless, neither host had time to watch anything worth talking about this week, and Frank is really excited to discuss it.

Next, we have two segments of news stories that range from crazy to sad and pathetic all the way back to crazy again.

Here are links to most of the stories we covered:
A dozen of Newt Gingrich's staff walks out on him.

Why Gingrich's staff left.

Disney pays a fortune for "The Next Star Wars."

NBC tried to scuttle the Dungeons and Dragons episode of "Community."

Should Anthony Weiner quit?

MA State Rep. Ryan Fattman has some strong opinions of illegal immigrants.

Anderson Cooper shows us a crazy person.

Magneto was "Born This Way." (video)

Frank (sort of) defends Sarah Palin. (video) 

When Satanists describe themselves, they sound like atheists.

Another Pastor arrested for sexual molestation.

Rep. Giffords may not return to Congress.

Bank of America branch gets foreclosed on.

Plus, we have some great feedback.

Music this week is from:
Chris Bricklemyer - "Are You Serious Theme V.7"
Bikini Kill - "Rebel Girl"
Powerman 5000 - "Action"
Social Distortion - "King of Fools"
Concrete Blonde - "Everybody Knows"

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