Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Episode One Hundred and Nine

Episode One Hundred and Nine: "I was on the PT-109 with John F. Kennedy. We were the first to discover his horrible secret."

This week, we wrap up the third season of True Blood with a spoiler filled review of the season finale. Bill betrays everyone, Jason get more than he bargained for, the Queen of Louisiana returns, Russell is dealt with, a hit is put out on Pam, Sam and Tommy finally come to blows, Jesus reveals his secret to Lafayette, Arlene avoids everyone while Terry is happier than he's ever been, Sookie tells everyone to leave her alone, Tara cuts her hair and leaves town and Eric wants his phone back.

Next, we move on to politics. What would it mean if the Bush tax cuts were kept in place for the richest 2% of people? How much of a budget shortfall would that cause, and how does John Boehner feel about it? From there we move on to a local hate-radio host and two of the lies he told in just 20 minutes of airtime. One is easily disputed and the second took a 45 second Google search to prove him wrong.

After that, we talk a little bit about geocentrists. Those are people that still believe that the Sun revolves around the Earth. That's right, there are still people out there that think the Earth is the center of the universe. From there, we talk a little bit about how no Church in Belgium is free of child abuse allegations, and from there we discuss Irish Science Minister Lenihan and how his position on the importance of science can change while calling evolution a hoax. After that we talk a little about September 11th and some of the things that went through Chris' mind on that day regarding religion, the lives lost, and the usefulness of religion versus the harm it causes.

After that, we have feedback; we have one older voice mail that leads into another very well. Just when we thought we were done talking about our old place of employment, something else of colossal stupidity has to happen, and we will tell you about it! After that, Chris and Frank come to an agreement and that's a show!

Music this week is from:

Chris Bricklemyer - "Are You Serious Theme Version 1"

The Cramps - "Goo Goo Muck"

Skid Sow - "Sweet Little Sister"

Screaming Lord Sutch - "Jack the Ripper"

Concrete Blonde - "Everybody Knows"

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