Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Episode One Hundred and Seven

In this episode, we start with a discussion of how Frank's face came to look like a bear hit him. Chris talks about some slight annoyances that occurred in rapid succession, from a car accident to an unrelated (twice flat tire) to hate radio and back. Frank has a really special announcement and then we get to the regular show!

We get into a lengthy discussion of True Blood and try to predict where the series is going to end this season and where it will go in the future. We quickly review the Emmy winners from earlier in the week, offering comment as we go. Apparently, there is a re-make of "Arthur" in the works and we talk about some good news for Ghostbusters 3 (finally.)

Then we move on to real world topics. Starting with what is being reported as actual proof of clergy covering up the abuse of boys in a parish, we then move to the Moron on the Mall, Glenn Beck. He held his "Restore Honor" rally Sunday on the 47th anniversary of Dr. King's amazing "I have a dream" speech. He held his rally on the same day in practically the same place. We delve into this topic and discuss Michelle Bachmann's estimate of the crowd size, the actual crowd size, Beck's (reportedly) wearing of a bullet-proof vest and Alveda King's further disgrace as a cousin of MLK.

Following that aneurysm inducing subject, we temp fate by going even deeper and listen to some interviews conducted by "New Left Media," as they interview some of the people that turned out for the rally. Have you heard FOX talking points? Do you want to hear them regurgitated in a less articulate manner? Do you then want to hear Chris and Frank yell at these people and prove them dead wrong? Then you're in luck! That's just what we do!

Follow that up with a temperamental voice mail service, (what do you expect? It's free!) and that's pretty much the whole show. Stick around after the outro to hear how the GOP seem to hate logic, reason, science and facts.

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Music this week is from:

Chris Bricklemyer - "Are You Serious Theme V1"

Bad Religion - "1000 More Fools"

Clutch - "Prophets of Doom"

Heretix - "My Head"

Concrete Blonde - "Everybody Knows"

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