Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Episode Sixty Eight

Episode Sixty Eight: "Look! The marshmallows aren't even toasting! They remain a comfortable sixty-eight degrees!"

Hi gang. Here's episode sixty eight. Not much happened in the last week worth talking about, but we make the best of it anyway.

We discuss what little new T.V. there was that we watch. Some from last week, some from this week. We talk a little about new and old movies that we watched. We go over a list of upcoming theatrical releases, from January through May and realize, we need to catch up on trailers!

We have a little bit of audio from a source that is notoriously difficult to capture on tape, so please bear with the quality. Then we discuss the quittiest quitter that ever quit and a few other topics.

We have some email and that pretty much makes up the whole show!

Music this week is from:
Dethklok - "The Gears"
Wall of Voodoo - "Mexican Radio"
Rob Zombie - "Sick Bubblegum"
The Brian Setzer Orchestra - "You're a Mean One Mr. Grinch"

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Thanks for your support and we'll talk next week!

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