Thursday, October 8, 2009

Episode Sixty

Hey everybody, another week, another show!

This time we talk about, Mad Men, Big Bang Theory, The Middle, Hank, Flash Forward, Modern Family, Brighton Beach Memoirs, Roman Polanski, Jim DeMint, Larry Craig, Rush, Glenn Beck, The Center for Progress in America, The 2012 Olympics, David Letterman, and a few other things.

We follow that up with listener feedback and an update on what we have coming up, then we close out the show.

Music this week is from:
Dethklok- "Comet Song"
Ministry - "Stigmata"
SR-71 - "Let it Whip"
The Misfits - "The Monster Mash"
and of course,
Killer Dwarfs - "We Stand Alone"

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