Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Episode Sixty One

This week, for your listening pleasure, we present Episode Sixty One: "A hundred and twenty five years... Oh God, Oh God... I'll be a hundred and sixty one when I get out."

Some topics that we discuss this week include, Clone Wars, Jedi crossing the line from good gut to torturer, Louie Gomert, the Nobel Peace Prize, Mad Men, The Office, The Invention of Lying, The Big Bang Theory, www., and much more.

We even have a special D-bag of the week! It's much more effective to hear this guy than to just repeat what he said.

Music this week is from:
Mysto and Pizzi - "Somebody's Watching Me"
"The Monster Mash" (I can't figure out who recorded it)
Rob Zombie - "Two Lane Blacktop"
Powerman 5000 - "Theme to a Fake Revolution"

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Thanks and we'll be back next week!

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