Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Are You Serious? Episode Forty Nine

Another week, another show!

This is Are You Serious? Episode Forty Nine: "Wait, I don't get it... If he's the first of his kind, how can he be pregnant? Doesn't he need a mate?"

In this week episode, we discuss HIV/AIDS, Summer Hours, Mark Sanford (again,) Sarah Palin and ethics violations (again,) Young Einstein, Revenge of the Nerds II, Star Wars (big surprise,) Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, proper scheduling versus show times, LEGO porn, Supercop (a.k.a. Police Story 3,) I Love You, Beth Cooper, Polish people not helping their own stereotype, CCR-5 Delta-32, Californiacation and much more.

Add to that some great voicemails and you have a show!

Music this week is from:
Queen - "Don't Stop Me Now."
Material Issue and Liz Phair - "Tra la la Song (One Banana, Two Banana)"
The Stray Cats - "(She's) Sexy + 17"
Bad Religion - "American Jesus (live)"

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