Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Episode One Hundred Eighty One

Episode One Hundred Eighty One: "Come on, though. Taking a bra off with my teeth aged 181. That's a hell of a sexy way to go."

This week, we discuss :
Calls to Behead Indonesian Atheist Alexander Aan | The Jakarta Globe
Cannibal who ate his girlfriend finds love with vampire behind bars of psychiatric unit
Man Adopts Girlfriend: John Goodman's 'Daughter' Could Protect Assets In Wrongful Death Lawsuit
Alabama State Senator Thinks Increasing Teacher Pay Goes Against A ‘Biblical Principle’
and of course,
Breast Cancer Charity Pulls Funds From Planned Parenthood

Music this week is from
The Art of War opening and closing themes
Fugazi - Turkish Disco
The Dead Milkmen - Methodist Coloring Book
Forbidden Dimension - Ghosts Run Wild

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