Thursday, November 18, 2010

Episode One Hundred Eighteen

This week, we have a huge number of topics that we jump through. Starting with T.V. and movies, we talk about The Big Bang, 30 Rock, Community, Outsourced and a whole host of others.

From there, we move into some other areas. Things like, two different priests in two different countries in trouble for two different types of pornography. George W. Bush’s memoir and how he just might be attempting to re-write history with the publicity tour.

We also talk about C.E.R.N and colliding lead particles, Cindy McCain’s recent PSA for the NOH8 campaign and her very quick backtracking just a couple of days after it aired. In keeping with that theme, we also talk about a girl that was kicked out of school in Oklahoma for her orientation. If that wasn’t enough homophobia and hate, we follow it up with more hate mail from and Richard Dawkins.

Before we get to our fantastic voice mail this week, we play a spot for our friends Matt and Liz. They are trying to win a dream wedding, and you can help!

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Music this week is from
Chris Bricklemyer – “Are You Serious Theme V.1”
The 88 – “At Least It Was Here”
The Art of War – “Wish I’d Been There”
Sex Bob-omb – “We Are Sex Bob-omb”
Concrete Blonde - "Everybody Knows"

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