Sunday, July 25, 2010

Episode One Hundred and One

In this episode we talk about Inception, (barely,) The Losers, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, True Blood, Lost, Twilight and why it doesn't matter, Kung Fu Panda and good 3D, Mad Men, and After School Film School.

We take sometime and discuss the best timeline ever printed. Check it out here.

Then we shift to more real world topics like, people who complain about everything, memory cards for DSLR cameras, scientific proof about which came first, the chicken or the egg. We continue with the iPhone fix, some dope in Australia states that all schools should require that kids read the Bible in school, we hear a bit about Glenn Beck and how he related to Johnny Mnemonic a little too much. We end with a actual honest to god disagreement about the proposed Mosque in New York. It will be built two blocks away from ground zero.

Music this week is from:

Chris Bricklemyer - "Are You Serious? Theme v1"

Powerman 5000 - "Action"

Queen - Princes of the Universe"

Rammstein - "Hallelujah"

Concrete Blonde - "Everybody Knows"

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