Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Episode Sixty Four

Hello everyone! Here is episode Sixty Four for your listening pleasure. This week, we decided to forgo notes and just wing it. You think we could do that considering all the time that we have been doing the show. Well, you might be surprised how much two simple words on a piece of paper would have helped us this week. Those words? "Koi pond."

Anyway, this week we discuss the normal things, a little T.V. (including the pilot of "V," some current events, and some complete jerks. Then we listen to some listener feedback and try to wrap up the show. It's kind of a disjointed ending, but it does eventually come to a close!

Don't forget to follow this link to witness the comedy genius that is JACK CHOP! Is the Lynn reference at the end a nod to Outside the Cinema? Maybe... but do you think I would have mentioned it if it wasn't confirmed? While you're at it why not check out some of the other movies that Adam Green and Paul Solet have made? Movies like "Hatchet" and "Grace."

Thanks to everyone who nominated us for a podcast award, we'll know what came of it in a few weeks! Please, head over and vote for us on podcastalley: Thanks!

Music this week is from:
Dethklok - "Laser Cannon Deth Sentence" from Dethalbum II"
Osaka Popstar and the American Legends of Punk - "Astro Boy (live) from Rock 'Em O-Sock 'Em Live
Living Colour - "Glamour Boys" from Vivid
Green Day - "Geek Stink Breath" from International Superhits!

Thanks everyone for all you support, we really appreciate it!

'Till next week!

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