Wednesday, September 23, 2009

We made it a year!

Happy Birthday to us! One year ago, on September 22nd, 2008, the first episode of Are You Serious? was posted. Each and every week since then, we have posted a new show, sometimes two in a week.

Our show has evolved over time, starting with one shared USB microphone, we moved on to an older mixer and two simple microphones. From there, we acquired a good mixer and a better recording program. Simple things like filters and leveling programs, help make the show sound as good as it does today.

To help illustrate how the show has evolved over time, I have included some audio clips from our first two shows for you to hear and compare.

Early on, we were accepted into the Popsyndicate family of shows. this provided us with a network of shows and forums. We have made connections with many good people that produce many great shows. Using that as a jumping off point, we have reached out to many other great shows and met some more great people.

The greatest thing about doing the show is meeting all the people that have become listeners. We have fans all across the world and it is very humbling and awesome to talk to all of you each week.

Thank you all so much for all of your support and we welcome all new listeners with open arms - and a healthy dose of sarcasm.

Call us at 206-338-3094
or write us at

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