Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Episode Fifty One: "Look at you: member of the honor roll, assistant to the assistant manager of the movie theater."

This is Episode Fifty One.

In this episode we explore a wide range of topic again, including: Dumbledore's Death, Cash for Clunkers, falling asleep when driving, True Blood, health care reform, Nazi Germany (briefly,) Two Married Geeks, running out of gas, jerks in movie theaters, Outside The Cinema, and much much more!

Music this week is from:
Type O Negative - "Summer Breeze"
AC/DC - "Heatseeker"
Powerman 5000 - "Walking Disaster"
Rob Zombie - "Two-Lane Blacktop"
Killer Dwarfs - "We Stand Alone"

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Talk to you next week!

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