Thursday, May 21, 2009

Episode Thirty Nine: "Besides, attacking that battle station ain't my idea of courage. It's more like... suicide."

Another week, another episode!

Welcome back everyone to Are You Serious? This week, we have another show chock full of "polite" arguing and outrageous blanket statements. (those have become staples of the show!)

We talk about the DVD of Fanboys, we discuss Star Wars in the light of the 10th anniversary of the theatrical release of "Episode I: The Phantom Menace."

We briefly talk about the first season of True Blood (WARNING!! Major spoilers!!) As well as the season finale of Lost.

Of course we have more douche-bags of the week, followed by a TON of listener feedback! Hope you enjoy!

Music this week is from:
M.C. Chris - "Fett's Vette"
Meco - "The Empire Strikes Back"
Maynard - "Star Wars"
Supernova - "Chewbacca"
Killer Dwarfs -"We Stand Alone"

Thanks again for listening we'll see (not really) you next week!

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