Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Episode Thirty: You're in the studio. You could be really shining out! But what? You're just wonking off!

Welcome everyone to the first show in the new studio (Studio B) as well as the first show with new equipment! (Thanks to Bill at Outside the Cinema.)

In this episode, we play catch up with recently seen new (and old) releases and television. Then we just go off on tangents for a bit. (As usual!) We throw some ideas around for new segments answer some listener feedback and then wrap it up.

Music this week is from
Iggy Pop (Candy)
Megadeth (Foreclosure of a Dream)
The Ghastly Ones (Yuzo's Twist)
and Killer Dwarfs (We Stand Alone)

Hope you enjoy!

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Until next week!

Direct download: Episode_Thirty.mp3

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